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Frequently asked questions

Why to use bioacoustic methods even it donīt solve the problem of Red Palm Weevil?

The bioacoustic detection of Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) at early stage
is a tactical tool for management of Red Palm Weevil. The sense is to remove a palm
before the RPW īs leave the palm and infest a great number of new palms. If the first signs
are seeable by visual inspection then the first weevils has the chance to escape and affect
new palms.

How can I protect my plantation?

The first step is to prevend new infestations from outside by affected new plant material. Also at
this point the bioacoustic is a very helpful tool, because larvae activities could be measured 4
weeks after infestation. The second step is to run a screening program in your plantation which
 turn you in the situation to get knowledge in which sector of a plantation the hotspot of
Red Palm Weevil is. The screening needs to be repeated in three monthly cycles, depending
on the climatic situation

Why is the Red Palm Weevil so aggressive?

The Red Palm Weevil isnīt aggressive, it seems only so. In the natural environment with intact
 ecosystem the Red Palm Weevil has many natural enemies. So it is very difficult for this
species to survive. This is the reason for the high reproduction rate of Red Palm Weevil,
American Palm Weevil etc.


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