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Demonstration Video-Clip of Red Palm Weevil

Content: This video is a take out of a longer sequence. The
 video show a ethological procedure of Red
Palm Weevil. One female weevil is maturing several times
with male weevils before leaving the home trunk. After all the
female weevil has only one task, to find a new palm to affect.

The document put a new focus and question upon the sense and use of pheromones and mass trapping.

Comment: The quality is reduced in due to the transfer rate by the Internet. If you have a highspeed connection (DSL) then you can choose the second link.

Used technology: Radio controlled Infrared camera

A fulltime copy on DVD can be purchased by:

Laar Technology & Consulting Ltd.

Also other clips for teaching and educations are available

Clip: RPW4c.wmv size: 0.95 MB
Resolution: 180 x 144

same movie but only for highspeed connection!!! and resolution 360 x 288; size 18.4 MB

Clip: RPW4c5.wmv size: 18.4 MB
Resolution: 360 x 288

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