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English edition

Mini Audio CD      -small collection edition
Sounds of Red Palm Weevil
The first sound collection of lifecycle stages of Red Palm Weevil worldwide.
Field and laboratory recordings of Red Palm Weevil activities from Al-Hassa (KSA) and Valencia (Spain), recorded with Laartech WD 60 Pro CSC measurement system for detection of Red Palm Weevil

Order-No.: M 101

Price: 90,00 EUR
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Feeding sound examples of wood and grain destroying insects
- Audio Mini-CD SMALL COLLECTION Edition

The first sound collection of examples of wood and grain destroying insects. Sound examples from Anoplophora glabripennis, Hylotrupes bajulus, Calandra Granaria, Oryctes elegans (Fruit Stalk Borer), Paysandisia archon (Palm moth) and Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Red Palm Weevil) -> First publication worldwide

     For teaching and education

                                                                     Order-No.:   M102

                                                                     Price:          30,00 EUR

English edition

Red Palm Weevil Research/ Company profile
Information DVD about Laar WD60 Pro CSC system /Company profile / Chronic of RPW research.

Order-No.: M 103

Price: 39,00 EUR
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