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In the field of Palm Pest Management we are concentrated on the pests caused by beetles, weevils and moths.
The most traditional treatment methods working with low efficience in due to the special biological properties of these insects. Especially by Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus), Fruit Stalk Borer (Oryctes elegans, Palm Moth (Paysandisia archon)

The acoustic detecion
The acoustic detection of the feeding sound of larvae is a powerful instrument in determination of infestation at early stage.

The prediction of the spreading direction of Red Palm Weevil
The knowledge about the probably spreading direction of Red Palm Weevil is an effective instrument for the concentration of control teams. We are able to offer such systems and also the service for doing this.

The use of traps
Traps can also be used for monitoring of areas. Actual we distribute passive and active window traps.
The use of pheromone traps is not very advisable, because by the wrong use of this kind of traps the spread of the insects could be supported in a unwanted way. Also the effience isn´t as high like by pine wood borers.

For the right use of pheromone/kairomone traps we offer also our knowledge as service for Red Palm Weevil. We are able to provide you with high efficience pheromones/kairomones and special bucket traps. But keep in mind that the wrong use provide the unwanted spreading of the Red Palm Weevil. Any task area need a special management plan.

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