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Red Palm Weevil: Publications for download

Bioacoustic detection of the Red Palm Weevil


Results of the research on bioacoustic detection of the Red Palm Weevil with the Laar WD 60 PRO measurement system (C) 2003


Red Palm Weevil Studies Part I


Report of studies on a sample trunk infested with Red Palm Weevil (C) 2004


WD60Pro system


Informationflyer with embedded sound sample of Red Palm Weevil for the WD60 Pro CSC measurement system and applications (C) 2004


Control and pest management of Red Palm Weevil


Control and pest management of Red Palm Weevil with bioacoustic methods (C) 2004










Data: for download

Red Palm Weevil sound sample


Sample of sound produced by Red Palm Weevil (feeding and moving), June 2003, detected with Laar WD 60 PRO

249 KB





















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