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Red Palm Weevil Spreading Blocker

Biomechanical solution for cleaning the landscape from Red Palm Weevil:

Laar SBS

Applicated in the right manner,
then the system provide a
100 % result.
This system is based on
interruption of the biological
cycle of the Red Palm Weevil
(Rhynchophorus ferrugineus)

This system can also be used for blocking the spreading of the
Palm Moth (Paysandisia archon)


The Laar SBS is designed for bi-directional use. On one hand you can
protect your healthy palm against infestation by Red Palm Weevil
(Rhynchophorus ferrugineus), but you can also use this system for
isolation of an infested palm so that no risk happen to your healthy palms,
while you wait for cutting and removing by authorities or landscape

The Laar SBS is available in standard sizes and customer defined sizes.


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Información general


general informations in Arabic

Information Flyer: Laar SBS

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