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Since 1992 we develop environmental management concepts and produce bioacoustic equipment, especially for tasks with ultrasound. In the end of 2000 we started with the development for pest control solutions like the Red Palm Weevil.

Additional tasks like automatic monitoring and highspeed harddisk recording followed.
Our main activities are:

1. ultrasound detectors for grasshoppers, bats, dolphins, rats, mice
   from low level equipment up to high end solutions

2. vibrations/contact sound detectors for wood destroying weevil and beetles

3. monitoring systems for use in field and laboratory

4. preamplifier and special microphone design

We distribute also special products of the following companies in our complete systems

 * soundXplore (ultrasound detectors)
 * Sennheiser (Microphones)
 * Reson (Hydrophones)
 * Marantz (Tape recorder)
 * Sony (Tape recorder, DAT recorder)
 * JVC (Subnotebook computer)

With the company Avisoft we keep a partnership, based on common projects!

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