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Economic Aspects

* Positive effects on agriculture development
(C) Benedikt von Laar , 2004

The damages of economy is very strong especially regarding the Red Palm Weevil (RPW) and Fruit Stalk Borer. The Fruit Stalk Borer show in field a lower aggressivity than the RPW, but the result is the same. The palm will die.
The economic perspectives by using such technologies are high interest, because it make the treatment of hidden living pest insects possible especially in early stage of infestation. By the Red palm weevil we are able to detect the infestation after 1 1/2 week after infestation.

Further this technology is giving answers whether the choosen treatment methods are successful or not, so that it could be advisable for changing the method.

Additional to this example, such a detection system can be used for building the base for the development of a certification procedure of plant health. So that the restricted trading with plant material could be made easier or given free. Also such a control system could be placed for international trading control.

Oryctes elegans larvae

Palm 4 1/2 weeks after infestation with Red Palm Weevil

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