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Laar Light Trap for Insects
Eklektor 1



Light trap with collection bottle 1 l. Light trap for 12 V DC / 4.8 Watt. Height 56 cm, diameter 30 cm. Standard light UV (ultra violet).Connecting cable 2,5 m. Housing of electronic protection class IP54. Rain protection roof. Trap can be used as light trap or cairomones could also be attached

Laar Light modules for
Eklektor 1

for exchange or as spar part


Light tube lenght 31 cm; 12 V DC / 4.8 Watt; connection cable 2,5 m; Housing of electronic protection class IP54. Available colors:

         Ultra Violet  = UV
         Blue            = BL
         Green         = GR
         Yellow        = YE
         Red             = R
         White         = W

for Eklektor 1

for free field use


In practise a hanging trap is sometimes a problem. Very often it isn´t advisable to fix the trap at a tree especially for managing pests.
For this task we developed an easy to use single pod for stone poor soil. Height 2 m over ground.

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