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23.10.2006 Our server was disconnected for more than two days in due to a hardware crash. Not all of our PDF-files are restored in the Download Area

21.08.2006 light traps for entomology use available
20.07.2006 ultrasonic microphones for phantom power released

12.06.2006 New Time expansion bat detectors available
Also new newt traps in our program

29.01.2005 Our German domain was a victim of Spammerīs. So we had to
deactivate the email address bvl.von.laar
This influence also our international contacts. Please use for requests as new communication channel!!!

22.10.2004 Successful field test of Laar WD 60 Pro CSC with Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) and Palm Moth (Paysandisia archon) by Valencia: Laartech Agriculture

26.09.2004 New division of BVL von Laar was established. The new division is special for agricultural applications. Follow this link for more informations: Laartech Agriculture

11.08.2004 Marantz tape recorder and Bioacoustic complete systems
only with daily prices in due to an extra tax for import to Europe

30.07.2004 Laar WD 60 Pro
Insect acoustic research set is available.
Itīs a further development of the well proofed Laar WD 60 sound system

02.05.2004 Part I of a new report about research studies on an infested palm trunk with Red Palm Weevil in our download section available

21.04.2004 New sites about the acoustic detection of insects (Stem Borer and so on) in our Info-Center available

23.12.2003 3rd field mission in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
New developed CSC Pro sensor system successful tested with
Jebuses hammerschmidti

07.08.2003 Multimedia CD-ROM in preparation
This CD-ROM will contain special clips about the sound activities of the Red Palm Weevil (Rynchophorus ferrugineus)

Laar WD 20 I
for manufacturing use available.
The Laar WD 20 I is a helping tools for the use with lathe machines. Itīs an acoustic control whether material has contact with the tool. Itīs a high end amplifying system with magnetic sensor. So the sensor is easy to fix on every magnectic suface.Downlaad in our download area further informations about this new system

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