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Research sample

* Research studies on a sample trunk
(C) Benedikt von Laar , 2004

For better studying of the life cycle, properties and capabilities of the Red Palm Weevil an infested sample trunk with Red Palm weevil was transferred to Germany and laboratory studies were possible. The palm was cutted in the begin of June in K.S.A. and transferred by air cargo to Hamburg airport. The sample trunk arrived on 15th of June Hamburg, was picked up and transferred into a quarantine room in laboratory.
The dimensions of the trunk sample were: length 71 cm, diameter on higher side 37 cm, diameter on lower side 43 cm.

From 15th of June 2003
     to  January of 2004

248 adult weevils left the
     trunk and were caught

     observation is still running
     (20th of January 2004)
     acoustic signals are still

It shows in a very kind matter how great the risk of dead palm material is.

* Research studies on a sample trunk
(C) Benedikt von Laar , 2004

The research points are:
       * calibration and balance of the sensor system
       * longtime video observation with different installed video cameras, in parts
           remote controlled from neighbour room of the quarantine room.
       * life cycle studies and classification of sounds produced by the Red Palm Weevil
       * flight capabilities of the RPW
       * infestation process of a young palm and sugar cane including all videographic
           and sound documentation
       * physical properties of palm trunks
       * light/dark test rows

Some of this research points are finished and some test rows are running up today.

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