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Sound Analysis Software BVL Spectrogram V8, SASLab Pro, SASLab Plus
Recording Software - automatic control Avisoft Recorder 1.0

BVL Spectrogram V8

Sound Analysis Software SASLab Pro

BVL Spectrogram V8 is the ideal startup software in bioacoustic for general. Additional to the base function for sound analysis this program support a special calibration for time expansion ultrasonic detectors.

IBM compatible computer, Windows XP operating system, Windows compatible soundcard and mouse

Avisoft-SASLab Pro is compatible:

  • Supports all sound cards compatible to Windows
  • Full WINDOWS-integration including processing of WAV-files,
     spectrogram-export in BMP-,TIFF- or WMF-format and export of
    measured values taken from the spectrogram by clipboard, ASCII-file
    or DDE
  • Import of soundfiles (ASCII, different binary formats, .AIF, .SND, .AU)
     which have been sampled with other sound processing tools.

detailed information, please download data sheet

Avisoft-SASLab Pro is comprehensive:

  • 64- to 1024-points-FFT color coded spectrograms, high quality spectrogram
    output with TrueType fonts
  • Real-time spectrogram display with circular buffer recording (This feature is
    unique to Avisoft in this price range!)
  • Digital filtering for improving of sound files
  • Flexible cursors for measuring of spectrogram structures
  • Powerful automatic sound parameter measurement and classification facility
  • Labeling facility for single point and time section labels
  • Magnitude- and Powerspectrum, Auto- and Crosscorrelation, Cepstrum,
    Histogram, 2D and 3D Scatterplot, 3D Waterfall display, Impuls-Density-Histogram,
    Envelope and Instantaneous frequency using hilberttransformation,
    frequency-shift using FFT technique, Root mean square, Sound similarity
    matrix for comparison of spectrograms
  • Synthesizer for generation of artificial songs and calls by mouse drawing of
    the parameter evolution (fundamental frequency, envelope, harmonics,
    frequency and amplitude modulation)
  • Automatic harddisk recording for long term monitoring based on a
    frequency selective trigger
  • Automatic Response option for automated playback experiments base on
    real-time classification and re-synthesis
  • and much more ...
  • Avisoft-SASLab Pro is easy to use:
  • The easy and intuitive operation of the Avisoft-SASLab is supported
    by an online help system.
  • Context sensitive help messages reduce the need to consult the
    printed manual.
  • Avisoft-SASLab Pro is fast:
  • Spectrogram computation is very fast.
  • The 2-channel real-time spectrograph runs at sampling rates up to 96 kHz.
  • System Requirements
  • IBM-compatible PC, 486 or higher, > 25MHz
  • At least 4MB of RAM, 16MB or more are recommended
  • Free harddisk space: > 10MB
  • VGA-Display with at least 256 colors (resolution of at least 800*600
    is recommended)
  • Soundcard compatible to Windows (MCI-driver required)
  • Operating system: Microsoft-Windows 3.1x, Windows95, Windows98,
    Windows ME or WindowsNT/2000


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