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Laar ULTRASOUND HighSpeed System I

ULTRASOUND HighSpeed System
the high end solution for mobile hardisk recording up to 96 kHz!

System I — Laar-System 1 useful for frequencies up to 96 kHz. A sampling rate of 192 kHz is provided. System requirements: Windows XP (r) , Fire Wire, Intel (r) 1,4 GHz. Package contains FA-66, Laar UVS ultrasound amplifier, Laar USM 10-2 high sensitive ultrasound microphone, mini-tripod, WaveScan software package (recording, analysing and reference sounds). , hearphones, connection cables.The Laar Ultrasound HighSpeed System 1 is a complete and easy-to-use FireWire semi-mobile hardware solution for high-speed harddisk recording. It was specifically designed for recording ultrasound (animal high-frequency vocalizations as bat or cetacean echolocation calls and communication signals by grasshoppers, rodents insects in general).


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